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Laser dentistry is becoming a big thing on the Gold Coast. Due to its ability to treat a wide range of dental concerns painlessly and effectively, nervous patients are turning to laser dentistry as a fast, pain-free alternative to traditional dentistry for all of their treatments.

At StarKlinics, we offer laser dentistry as part of our regenerative digital dentistry with a holistic approach. We understand that many patients suffer from a fear of going to the dentist.
Our solution is to promise you pain-free, single-visit dentistry using the latest in digital equipment for fast and exceptional results.

Laser dentistry is a gentle treatment that can be used to treat many oral health problems with no needles and no pain. Our professionally trained team use state-of-the-art lasers to deliver safe, stress-free treatment with faster healing times.

We can use lasers for root canals, fillings, dental implants, gum diseases, permanently erasing cold sores and much more – all in one visit

A Pain-Free Alternative For The Whole Family

Laser dentistry can be used on all patients, young and old. In fact, it’s a fantastic alternative for children who have a fear of the dentist as it’s gentle on gums and minimally-invasive.
Best of all, laser dentistry has a much faster recovery time than traditional dentistry. Soft tissue procedures usually take around 3 weeks to heal. With laser dentistry, it takes just 3 days.
If you’re looking for effective dental treatment without the pain, call us or book online to make an appointment for laser dentistry.

What Is Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is an innovative method used to treat a wide range of dental concerns. It uses laser technology to offer dentists a precise tool that can enhance treatment outcomes, allowing us to target the problem area without affecting surrounding healthy teeth and gums.

It can be used to reshape gums and soft tissue, reduce bleeding and swelling and assist in procedures such as root canals and dental implant surgery with superior results.
Laser dentistry is a popular alternative to traditional dentistry as it’s gentle, pain-free, can be completed in one visit and significantly reduces healing times.

Even root canal procedures are rendered painless with laser dentistry and can be performed in just a single visit.
We use state-of-the-art dental lasers and digital equipment that are minimally-invasive, making treatment a much more comfortable experience for the patient.

Not every dentist can perform laser dentistry. Our team are fully qualified and highly skilled at delivering incredible results. They understand lasers and will select the right laser and wavelength that’s best for each individual and dental procedure.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry provides a faster, pain-free solution that eliminates the need for needles and lengthy healing times.

Our soft tissue laser dentistry can be used to help in many dental procedures such as root canal procedures, fillings, dental implants, crowns, veneers and more for a superior outcome.

Laser dentistry can also be used to:
· Treat tooth decay
· Reshape gums
· Cauterise wounds
· Preserve healthy teeth and gums
· Rapidly increase healing times
· Reduce sensitivity
· Reduce bleeding and swelling
· Reduce risk of infection
· Treat gum disease
· Permanently eliminate cold sores
· Cure bonding agents

Cold Sore Laser Therapy

One of the biggest benefits of laser dentistry is its powerful ability to permanently eradicate cold sores. Cold sores are small, inflamed blisters that form in and around the mouth area as a result of the herpes simplex virus. They’re highly infectious and can easily be spread from one person to another.

Herpes simplex virus is very common and many adults live with a recurring bout of cold sores that they contracted at an earlier age. Symptoms vary with each individual but some people may also experience tiredness, swelling, soreness inside the mouth and tender gums, alongside cold sores.
Luckily, there’s a fast and painless solution. Whether you have one or several, our cold sore laser therapy can treat the affected area with our laser system and have them permanently removed. The mouth will be healed within 24-48 hours.

The treatment is minimally-invasive and performed by one of our expertly-trained dentists. It can be done in just one sitting and requires no needles or downtime.
Give us a call or book online to find out how we can help you erase your cold sores for good.

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If you’re looking for fast, pain-free dental treatment on the Gold Coast, laser dentistry is a safe and comfortable experience for any patient. With no pain, no needles or drilling, and faster healing times, it’s dentistry that will make you smile.

Our friendly, highly-skilled dentists are ready to help you. Just call us or book online to schedule an appointment and say goodbye to painful dental treatments forever.

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