Covid -19 Update on Dental Services for our Patients

As a dental clinic we are an essential service and are still treating patients.

We take the health of our patients and our staff seriously; therefore we have the following safeguards in place for your appointment:

If you are feeling well and are not considered a High Risk patient, please keep your appointment as booked and we’ll look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

If you are considered a High Risk, you will need to be seen directly in a hospital if:

  • You have serious respiratory symptoms with breathlessness and have recently returned from overseas.
  • You have any respiratory illness of any degree or returned from overseas recently, had close contact with a corona virus infected person.

We also have had information provided by the world health organisation to confirm the modes and timings of transmission.

Extremely infectious

All three forms of transmission

1) Droplet ( sneezing and coughing)

2) Contact lasting 72 hrs on surfaces

3) Airborne lasting a minimum of 3 hours in the air after a positive agent has presented

We also know that the virus is carried in the nasopharynx so the concern with any treatment is the release of aerosols which will penetrate any standard mask should the patient be positive for COVID-19.

If you are concerned please call us 07 5560 9575 and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Article by Dr Kate Stark –  Director StarKlinics Dental Clinic 

DR Kate Stark Dentist & Director StarKlinics Gold Coast Dr Kate Stark – Dentist & Director at StarKlinics Dental.

Dr Kate Stark is a committed dental practitioner who is passionate about digital dental technologies.
Kate graduated in 2005 from Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals Kings College London.
Kate is Dentist and director of StarKlinics, a dental medical and training facility on the Gold Coast.