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How can dentistry be pain-free and needle free at the same time?

The most common form of dental anxiety is from pain—tooth pain and also pain from needles. StarKlinics is the first and the only dentist practice to bring a holistic approach and painless, cutting edge technology to our patients. To provide anaesthesia, StarKlinics uses a system known as The Wand®, and this eliminates the use of needles.

The Wand® is a computerised system for delivering local anaesthetic through a wand-shaped device. It can numb a single tooth in the mouth without numbing the lip or the side of the face. The Wand® controls the flow rate and pressure of the anaesthesia and identifies specific tissues so our dentists can find the precise location to be numb. This means our patients receive virtually painless anaesthesia rather than with a needle.

What are the advantages of The Wand®?

  • Pain-free injection!
  • No needles are used to deliver anaesthesia.
  • No numb lips and no prolonged numbness to the face.
  • Single tooth anaesthesia so you don’t have to have your whole face numb.
  • Great for needle-phobic and anxious patients as there is no needle, just The Wand®
  • No scary long needle.

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