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Make your next dental appointment a holistic experience

Holistic digital dentistry is the philosophy that underlies our formal dental training. A holistic approach to dentistry differs in the way it treats patients in that we don’t just treat the symptoms of problematic gums and teeth, we also treat the underlying cause and you as a whole.

The holistic approach philosophy behind the way we practice dentistry is to minimise invasive procedures by using equipment such as Laser Dentistry, 3D CT Scan, CEREC Dentistry, and The Wand to minimise pain and get great results as quick as possible.

Our StarKlinics building

Our StarKlinics building A traditional dental surgery is rarely designed with ‘beauty’ in mind. The team at StarKlinics have worked closely with architects and builders to bring a contemporary open fresh building that will be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and comfortable. Wherever possible we work with natural materials and lighting to bring a calm, light, and fresh atmosphere to our practice. Even the artwork on our walls has been hand painted by our own talented dentist, Dr Kate Stark

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We’ve worked hard to ensure that every aspect of our patient’s experience is a good one. Our Reiki and Acupuncture and Dry Needling are some of the holistic ways we can help manage discomfort and dental anxiety. We’re even happy for anxious patients to visit us outside of an appointment. Our friendly staff will happily give you a ‘tour’ of our practice and even let you sit in the dentist chair if you wish!

Are you a practicing dentist? Learn holistic approach techniques that will help you bring painless and fast treatments to your patients and practice. Find out more on our page Training for Dentists.