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We take care of all your general dentistry needs

You don’t need to wait until you have a ‘problem’ to visit a dentist. In fact, regular check-ups can help save you from ‘problems’ and save you money. At StarKlinics, home best denitist in Hope Islanad, we treat patients of all ages. We welcome men, women, and children for general dentistry and our specialised dentistry.

Teeth Cleaning. This is one of the most common and well-known general dentist services. This generally involves plaque removal and polishing. Unlike many Gold Coast dentists, our practice is equipped with laser, which means we can offer Laser Dentistry as a fast, safe, and pain-free alternative to deep cleaning.

Fillings. We can fill most cracks and holes using CEREC Dentistry.

Teeth removal. Once they’re gone, they won’t grow back, although current research is investigating stem cell technology! We will never take out a tooth unnecessarily, we fully explore all options available to give you the best chance of keeping your natural teeth.

General oral care. Maintaining good oral health is important and can keep you from experiencing halitosis (bad breath) and gum disease (periodontal disease). Gum disease is quite common in adults and can vary in severity from gum inflammation to causing major soft tissue and bone damage that in worst cases can lead to losing teeth. The good news is that with the right dental care, gum disease can be stabilised. At StarKlinics, our soft tissue Laser procedures done by the Hope Island Dentist mean that you’ll get the best outcome possible for gum disease.

The StarKlinics Team

Our purpose-built practice is designed by us to be as beautiful as it is functional. Our passionate and qualified dentists bring the latest technology to caring for our patients using safe and painless methods.

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