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Dental with reiki

Chances are you’ve not encountered a dentist on the Gold Coast who incorporates the ancient practices of reiki and reflexology. Reiki and Reflexology are just two of the many ways we set ourselves apart from other dentists.

​We understand that for some people, going to the dentist can produce anxiety and/or fear. It might surprise you to learn that the founder of StarKlinics, UK born Kate Stark, herself suffered from a fear of dentists as a child, in fact it was this fear that drove Kate to become a dentist. That’s why we can truly say that we do understand dental anxiety, known medically as dentophobia.

Reiki is a Japanese technique. The name comes from 2 Japanese words, Rei’ meaning higher power, and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy. We can use this technique to help reduce stress, relax anxious clients, and to promote healing. Reiki is used as a holistic treatment, meaning that it treats the mind, body, and spirit, it is gentle, natural, and perfectly safe. Reflexology is a form of therapy that works on hands and/or feet which are divided into zones. The theory being that each ‘zone’ directly affects a correlating zone elsewhere within

We’ll make your dentist visit less stressful

We take a holistic approach to dentistry. This includes creating an environment that is aesthetically calming. Why not see for yourself and visit our beautiful, modern, and open premises. No need to already be a patient. No need to have an appointment. Give us a call or come on in during our opening hours