Dental with acupuncture and dry needling

Acupuncture and dry needling differ only on the theory behind the treatment and the placement and length of the needles. Additional study is required to be certified in the field of acupuncture.

Acupuncture falls under the banner of complementary medicine. Originating in China more than 2,500 years ago, acupuncture is used for correcting imbalances of energy within the body. It has been used traditionally to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. Modern western scientific research has shown that the insertion of the very thin needles used in acupuncture influence the activity of adenosine, which is an amino acid that is activated in the skin to ease pain after an injury.


While dry needling is a common practice among physiotherapists, it’s not something most people are used to getting from their dental visit!

Dry needling is a type of acupuncture. Similar to acupuncture, the practice uses the same type of needle and follows many of the same points. Dry needling works a little like the way a massage works when fingers dig into a sore area. It decreases myofascial tension and improves musculoskeletal function.

Acupuncture is traditionally based upon the Chinese theory of meridians (also called acupoints) which are channels of which Qi and the other fundamental substances (blood, body fluid, essence, and spirit) flow. Meridians are similar to what western medicine refers to as the circulatory system.
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