About Us

The dentist philosophy behind StarKlinics

Our philosophy is pain-free regeneration. We’ll give you back what you have lost.

No needles, we use all digital technologies. You don’t have to be afraid of needles anymore because we have a unique computer assisted delivery system. Experience dentistry with a difference and an incredibly committed team to support you.

The dental industry in the UK and USA has made remarkable advancements in the past decade. Unfortunately for Australian patients, many of those advancements are not being utilised here in Australia specifically on the Gold Coast, which means that most people are still undergoing unnecessary discomfort and lengthy procedures.

Meet the team behind StarKlinics

You probably wouldn’t know that StarKlinics was designed and decorated by a dentist. Our modern interior design has a ‘industrial’ look and is designed to be at one with the natural world. On our walls you’ll even see artwork drawn personally by founder Dr Kate Stark. We are as passionate about what we do as you are about having it done! Health and wellness is who we are, we’re not just another dentist.

Dr Kate Stark has owned 2 previous clinics in Chelsea, London, and the Channel Islands, just off the coast of France. Dr Matthew Stark has owned an acupuncture and sports medicine clinic in Guernsey, Chanel Islands and is currently a practising GP on the Gold Coast. Drs’ Kate and Matthew have worked together for many years and are able to provide a truly holistic approach for you, our patients. We are both Reiki Masters and believe in crystal technologies.

Our Logo

Our logo, a starfish, can regenerate itself. If you remove all its arms, leaving only a portion of its body, a starfish will regrow its entire body. The pink colour we use is indicative of love, and love heals. Love is also the foundation for reiki healing, it is soft and calming, soothing anxiety.

Hope Island

A Modern Practice

StarKlinics was founded by Dr Kate Stark. In fact, she designed and decorated our Hope Island & Currumbin clinic to give it a personal touch that will make you feel right at home. You’ll even find that our walls are decorated with artwork by Dr Kate Stark herself!

Our Hope Island practice has a modern interior that reflects an ‘industrial’ look designed to be at one with the natural world, while our Currumbin practice has a relaxed at home design. The light, spacious rooms and décor are intended to bring a sense of tranquility to our practice’s that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit.

When you come in to see us, you’ll be entering our practice that has been thoughtfully built with your comfort in mind. We’ve worked closely with architects and builders to create a space that truly reflects our dedication to holistic care and improving health and wellbeing.

We hope that you’ll find our clinic as aesthetically pleasing as you’ll find it fully-functional and professional.

Meet the Starks

Dr Kate Stark has owned two previous clinics before setting up on the Gold Coast – in Chelsea, London, and the Channel Islands just off the coast of France.

Dr Matthew Stark has owned an acupuncture and sports medicine clinic in Guernsey, Channel Islands. He is currently a practicing GP on the Gold Coast.
Together, they have many years of experience in bringing a holistic approach to their work and their patients. Both are Reiki Masters who believe in the power of crystal technologies.

We’re Not Just Another Practice

Health and wellness are who we are. We’re passionate about providing a wide range of affordable, pain-free dental care, along with general practice and sports medicine to Gold Coast families.

We welcome patients of all ages, those who are nervous about dentist visits and those who are needing help with an injury, weather it be sports or accident related .

Find out how StarKlinics are leading the way in holistic digital dentistry with no needles, no pain and helping patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Call us today or book online to make an appointment – we can’t wait to meet you!