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We offer 3D CT Scan technology

What used to be painful and long drawn out procedures can now often be performed in one or two visits and virtually pain-free. That is of course, assuming your dentist is using the latest available technology and has the training to match. At StarKlinics, we have both, the technology, and the training.

One of the most impactful recent developments in dental diagnostic technology is the use of 3D CT Scanners. This type of imaging is both safe and fast and allows the dentist to make the most informed decision about your future treatment options.​

We are the first dental practice in Australia to merge holistic and digital CEREC Dentistry for our patients. As leading dental practitioners, we also provide Training for Dentists and run Seminars.

Every mouth is different, which means that every implant we do is custom made to fit in only that person’s mouth. To get the most accurate picture possible of your mouth, we use a 3D CT Scan which is superior to taking traditional-style radiographs.

Get all your dental treatment on the Gold Coast in one place

You won’t need to go anywhere else for dental work. Whether it’s a regular clean and check-up or cosmetic work, you’ll be able to get expert treatment from a highly-trained dentist.

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